Photo Screen Savers

Img_07581_2Sometimes the best uses of technology are the ones you’d least expect.

So it is with digital photography and computers.

The idea of turning a digital photo library (in iPhoto or Picasa) into a screen saver was surely an afterthought when these products were developed.

My bet is that the primary use case was to have a place for people to store their digital pictures on their computers (or maybe even more basic – a way to get the files off the camera).

But for me and probably a lot of others, turning idle monitors into a rotating picture frame is the best thing going with digital photography.

Img_0767We have a powerbook in our kitchen and it spends more time being a family photo pitcure frame than anything else (and we do use it a lot for web surfing, etc).

The Gotham Gal and I are alone this summer in our home because the kids are at camp.

I got up this morning and saw this picture on the Gotham Gal’s mac mini display.


It made my day.

UPDATE:  How about a wifi device that you could attach to all of the HD TVs people are putting in their homes these days that runs a screen saver from iPhoto or Picasa when the TV is not in use?

If anyone knows of such a thing, I’ve love to try it out.

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