Bright_ideasEarlier this summer, The Gotham Gal read a story about   Mac McCaughan and Merge Records in the NY Times.  If I could find the article on the web, I’d link to it, but for some reason I can’t.

She went to Rhapsody and listened to the new Portastatic record, Bright Ideas, and told me it was great.  Portastatic is one of Mac’s bands, the other being Superchunk.

We didn’t pay enough attention because we moved on to other stuff.

Then we got into M. Ward, who is also on Merge Records.

And Raj, who is rapidly joining Chervokas on my music guru list, also had Portastatic on his listening list.

All it takes is three of four mentions to get my attention and so I’ve been listening to Bright Ideas a lot in the past couple days.

This is a great record.  It rocks pretty hard, but its the songwriting that makes the records so special.  I honestly don’t think there is a bad song on the entire record.

Here is the link to bright ideas on Rhapsody.

Or you can buy the record at Amazon.

Mac played a free live acoustic show last night in NYC at Other Music. 

I sure wished I’d been there to see that.

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