Positively 10th Street

Our new weekly podcast is up.

We did this podcast on Sunday evening waiting for the kids to call from summer camp, after spending the weekend with our friends Steve, Ilene, Gail, and Ilan.

There is some great music on this one.

Song List:
Gail and Ilan’s Song – Werewolves of London – Adam Sandler
Joanne’s Song – Thank You – The Redwalls
Fred/Jo’s Song – Soul Meets Body – Death Cab for Cutie
Steve & Ilene’s Song – Bullet and a Target –  Citizen Cope
Fred’s Song – This Modern Love – Bloc Party

Listen Live Here.

To listen in iTunes or on your iPod, get iTunes v 4.9, then select Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast, and then enter this into the box:


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