Putting Yourself Out There

Scoble says in his most recent post (done on Sunday, hmm):

This business just sucks sometimes and people forget you’re human.
They think they have the right to attack you personally just cause of
what you write.

These people would never say this kind of stuff face-to-face but
because it’s on the Internet folks feel like they are allowed to be
rude in ways they’d never think of being face-to-face.

One thing I notice is that most of the rudest are anonymous. I also
discovered something else. The rudest ones are goons working on behalf
of people or movements or, gasp, even other companies, and that they
are trying to disrupt things by just being rude.

I also find that I’m not able to be human anymore — I’m not having fun anymore. It’s time to take some time away from the blog.

I’ve been there myself, probably most bloggers with any kind of audience have.

Blogging is putting yourself out there.

And at times its really painful when you say something or do something that generates a lot of hateful comments.

Jarvis says in his post about Scoble’s post:

Remember, my friends, a blog isn’t a media property or product. It is a
person. And this isn’t content. It’s a conversation. Make it a civil
one if you can.

I don’t totally agree with that point, but Jeff’s basically right.  A blog is both a person and a media property.

So treat it like a person when you interact with a blog, because there’s a person doing it, putting himself or herself out there.

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