This Man Is A Pawn

Crawford_1On Friday, the food and drug commissioner, Lester M. Crawford,
announced that he would indefinitely postpone a ruling on Plan B, the
morning-after pill made by Barr Laboratories.

The law states that the Food and Drug Administration was required to reach a decision on Plan B eight months ago, last January.

But instead we’ve gotten nothing by delays.

The following is from the New York Times today.

Dr. Crawford said Friday that the F.D.A. would seek public comments
over the next 60 days on whether it had the authority to approve Barr’s
application and whether it could enforce any regulation that would stop
girls younger than 17 from buying the pill freely.

Here is my public comment Lester:

This pill, which does not abort a pregnancy, but simply stops one from happening, like the birth control pill does, should be available over the counter.  In fact, it should have been last January.

UPDATE:  Jason Chervokas writes in his excellent comment to this post:

What exactly is the compelling states interest in making sure that the
fertilized eggs of 16 year old girls implant on uterine walls?

No sex
without pregnancy, seems to be the goal.

Sure does Jason.