A Bigger Bang

Bigger_bangIf you’ve been reading this blog over the past couple weeks, you’ll know that I love the Rolling Stones.

They occupy five slots out of my 50 favorite records.  Nobody else has more than two slots.

So they have a new record out called A Bigger Bang.

It’s not officially released until September 6th, but you can listen to it right now at AOL.

I have no idea why it’s not on Rhapsody as well, but that’s the state of the online music business right now.

Back to the record.

It’s the best thing they’ve done since Tatoo You, and may be even better than that record, which would make it the best thing they’ve done since Some Girls.

Jason Chervokas digs it too but he likes different songs than I do.

I don’t enjoy Streets of Love, which could have been on the awful Alfie soundtrack.

And Rough Justice is a bit too "radio" for my taste.

But short of those two songs, most of the rest of the record is really great.

Rain Fall Down is superb, and was my MP3 of the Week this week.

Back of My Hand sounds like it was done on the Howlin Wolf Sessions.

Infamy is another great Keith Richards vocal.  As the Stones get older, I like Keith’s vocals more and Mick’s less.

Sweet Neocon is a little reggae/funk thing like the Stones did on Black and Blue but with some really biting lyrics that give me a chuckle every time I hear them: "you say you are a patriot, i think that you are a crock of shit".

It Won’t Take Long captures the classic Stones sound perfectly and takes me back to Let It Bleed and Beggars.

Laugh, I Nearly Died is a great bluesy number with Mick singing in falsetto.  Gotta love that.

Oh No, Not You Again is Josh’s favorite for obvious reasons.  It rocks and uses the f word.  That’s pretty much all it takes for a nine year old.  And for me too.

There is more and most of the songs are solid.

But these are the highlights of the record for me.

I’ve already bought it on Amazon.

If you are a Stones fan, you should too.

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