Blog Fundraising for Katrina

No blog, no matter how big or small, should be without a banner linking to some way to give to the victims of Katrina.

Here are three great ways that I have come across to do that:

Word of Blog – I posted on this service a couple weeks ago.  It’s the service I use to run my Feed the Children ad.  Here are three great Katrina ads you can run in your sidebar with Word of Blog.

Red Cross Banners – Charlie pointed me to these banners from the Red Cross.  They come in all shapes and sizes.

Red Cross "dogears" – If you want to be cutting edge and give back, these dogears are for you.  Brian Alvey, the technology guy behind Weblogs Inc. did them.  Very cool.

Our family is working on a list of Katrina charities to give to.  We are discussing the options with the kids and together we will come up with a list.  If you know of good charities that should be on our list, let me know in the comments section of this post.

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