Build It There

I am not interested in wading into the complicated waters of what to build or not to build at Ground Zero, but I am very interested in the football stadium wars that are taking place in NYC right now.

First there was the idea to build a Jets stadium on the west side of Manhattan which was part of Bloomberg’s Olympics folly.  That rightly got shut down.  That site is too valuable to be used for a football stadium and Manhattan has a lot of traffic and mass transit issues to solve already.

Then I heard the Jets and Giants were negotiating to build a joint stadium near the current Giants stadium in the Meadowlands. I guess that makes economic sense because they can amortize the cost over two teams instead of one.  But apparently the Jets and Giants can’t make a deal.

So now the Jets are talking about building a stadium in Queens, near Shea Stadium and LaGuardia Airport, where they started out (they are called the Jets afterall).

I suspect that this is negotiating more than anything else in an attempt to bring the Giants to the table and get what the Jets need in the Meadowlands.

But if its for real, I am all for it.  It’s a pain to take mass transit to take the family to the Jets game.  We have to get into the car, drive through the tunnels, sit in traffic, and then deal with the parking nightmare that is the Meadowlands.

I’d love going to a Jet game to be as easy as jumping on the 7 train and heading out to Shea.

So here’s my vote for bringing the Jets back to Queens.

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