I have never been a big fan of categorizing my posts.

I do it and I have a few categories but I’d much rather use tags to do the work of slicing and dicing my posts.

I look with envy at the people who use WordPress and the way they can tag their posts with ease.

I don’t like the idea that the categories in TypePad have to be defined in advance and that you have to do some work to add a new one.  Tagging is much easier and simpler.

So I keep my categories to six.  And I have kept them that way for almost two years.

But I did change the name of two categories today.

New Music was changed to My Music.  That was long overdue.

Presidential Politics was changed to Politics.  I don’t post much on politics anymore, but when I do, I don’t want to limit my views to the President.

If by chance any of my readers use anything that is driven off specific category names, please make note of this change.

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