MP3 of the Week

Last year at this time, we had Franz Ferdinand’s debut record in heavy rotation.

As we headed out the lincoln tunnel last fall to see a Jets game, Josh put the record on our car stereo for Jackson and D.  After a song or two, Jackson said that Franz sounded a lot like Gang of Four.  I went back after the game and pulled out Entertainment and there sure was a lot of similarity, particularly in the song Not Great Men.  The Gang of Four sound is back in vogue, and not only with Franz.  Bloc Party spent some time listenting to that record too.

So there’s a new Franz record coming soon, called You Could Have It So Much Better.  I was fortunate to get my hands on an advance copy and I like it.

But this record shows that Franz hasn’t just listened to Gang of Four.  Apparently the other band they spent a lot of time listening to is the Kinks.  Ray Davies’s influence is all over this record.

My favorite track on the new Franz record sounds so much like a Kinks song that I googled it to make sure it wasn’t a cover.

It’s called Eleanor Put Your Boots On and its my MP3 of the Week.

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