MP3 of the Week

I really wanted to put this song on this week’s Positively 10th Street podcast, but we just had too much Rhett Miller on our brain last night.

So I am going to make it my MP3 of the Week instead.

The biggest discovery of the year for The Gotham Gal and me is M. Ward.

His new record Transistor Radio is great.

But his record from 2003, Transfiguration of Vincent, has been getting even more airplay in our house recently.

It is a hauntingly beautiful record with amazing songs on it.

After listening to this record over twenty times, I want to know who Vincent O’Brien is!

In any case, here is Vincent, the second song on the record. 

It’s my MP3 of the Week

He only sings when he’s sad, and he’s sad all the time, so he sings the whole night through

Yeah he sings in the day time too.

#My Music