BicyleSummer of 1999 –  we were moving back to the city from the suburbs, Jessica went to sleepaway camp for the first time, and we were obsessed with this record.

Bicycle is a wonderful record.  It’s fresh air running through your hair driving down the highway with the top down with everyone singing the words at the top of their lungs.

Plus it’s got the first song I ever heard with the words "dot com" in it.  And a dog barking at the beginning of that song too.

Every single song on this record is great.

Get it on Amazon.

It’s not available at iTunes or Rhapsody.  Which sucks.

UPDATE: Jackson has started his own Nuggets list.  I’ll try to link to his posts each week when I do mine.  And I bet he’s wrong and I will find one of his to put on my list.

ONE MORE THING:  Since Jackson is doing a Nuggets list and maybe others are doing a similar thing, I’ve created a delicious tag so we can start a linkroll of all the Nuggets posts by anyone doing them. If you create or find a post about a Nugget, simply post it to delicious and tag it with words nuggets and music and share the love.

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