It’s that time of week again when I go back in my record collection and pull out a Nugget.

Today’s Nugget comes courtesy of Paul Weller, frontman of The Jam, one of the great UK punk bands of the late 70s/early 80s.

Style_councilBut my favorite of Paul’s work comes after the Jam broke up and he started The Syle Council.

The Style Council was in heavy rotation in our first apartment in NYC in the mid 80s and my alltime favorite of the Style Council  was the debut, Introducing The Style Council, from 1983.

This record would be called an EP today, it only has seven songs on it, and one is a remix of the leadoff track, Long Hot Summer.  So it’s really six songs.

But the funky groove of Long Hot Summer always takes me back to those early days in NYC when The Gotham Gal and I would spend our summer weekends in the city because we didn’t know any better.

The music is what people call "White Soul".  Paul Weller does it so well.

This record is not available on Rhapsody or iTunes, a recurring theme with these Nuggets posts.

So if you want to check it out, you are going to have to buy it on Amazon.

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