Positively 10th Street

Our new weekly podcast is up.

This podcast proves that we are much better and funnier with the kids than without them.

Topics of conversation include Katrina and our family’s plan to give to the victims, getting back to the city (including an on air change of plans), and an interruption by our friend Mark Crandall.

Here’s the song list:

Josh’s Song – Smoking In The Boys Room – Brownsville Station
Joanne’s Song – Stitched Up – Herbie Hancock and John Mayer
Emily’s Song – Oh No, Not You Again – The Rolling Stones
Jessica’s Song – Publish My Love – Rogue Wave
Fred’s Song – Registered Ghost – Portastatic

Please note that I mispelled a URL that I mentioned live on the air.  The pig roasting box is available at LaCajaChina.com, not LaCagaChina.com.

Listen Live Here.

To listen in iTunes or on your iPod, get iTunes v 4.9, then select Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast, and then enter this into the box:


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