Positively 10th Street

Our new weekly podcast is up.

We did this one while watching the Jets beat the Fish (Dolphins) in our family room.  We had the game on mute, but you can hear a few shouts of excitement from the Jets fans.  We also reviewed three movies (Just Like Heaven, Proof, and Corpse Bride) and talked a bunch about the Rolling Stones concert from last thursday night.

We also did two "double shots" on this podcast from the Rolling Stones (predictably) and M. Ward.

Here’s the song list:

Emily’s Song – Ruby Tuesday – Rolling Stones
Fred’s Song – Outta My Head – M. Ward
Jessica’s Song – Concrete Bed – Nada Surf (as promised during last week’s show)
Joanne’s Song – Let’s Dance – M. Ward (David Bowie cover)
Josh’s Song – Brown Sugar – Rolling Stones

Listen Live Here.

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