Slidell Help

My wife’s father used to live in Slidell, Louisiana.  So sometime in the past couple years I found a blog reader and blogger named Brian Oberkirch who lived in Slidell.  We exchanged an email about Slidell and some cool things I’d done there years ago.

Slidell is a mess, like most of the area in and around New Orleans and Biloxi.  And Brian is using blogging to try and help.

He’s created the Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog and it posting info and pictures on it.  If you have a friend, loved one, etc in Slidell and are trying to find them, it’s a great place to go for information. 

There is a cool Google map of locations in and around the devastated area and lots of video and photos.

But the biggest problem Brian has is he needs to harvest the comments that people are leaving in WordPress like this one:

Looking for Richar, DAvid and Linda Mejias. They were in the Old Town
area off of Cousin St. at 928 Fairbanks. If you have info please call
225/978-3780 or 985/707-3511.

Apparently, he’s got hundreds of requests like this trapped in the comments. 

I can’t help him with WordPress, but someone can.  If you are that someone, he’s [[email protected]].

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