That's Ridiculous

I know I am late to this controversy but I feel compelled to weigh in nonetheless.

A local New Yorker, whom I have never met, named William Bright started a web service called

You can guess what the service does, but if your imagination is failing you today his service allows you to load subway maps onto your iPod Photo (not music only iPods).

I have never used the services as I don’t have an iPod Photo, but I love the idea of it.

But astoundingly, the transit departments of New York and San Fransciso don’t.  They have sent threatening letters to William asking him to take down the maps because they violate their copyrights.

I am with Jeff Jarvis on this one.  Governments shouldn’t be able to copyright something that belongs to the people.

But my outrage is really focused on the transit departments.  They should be all over anything that makes their customer’s life easier.  And clearly this service does that.

Shame on them.

#VC & Technology