The Alacra Wiki

Last month I posted about the new premium content store that Alacra launched called the Alacra store.

AlacrawikiWell it seems the team at Alacra has web 2.0 religion because this week they launched another great web resource called the Alacra Wiki.

Alacra operates in the professional business information market and they have aggregated well over 100 premium business information sources into a huge web-based data warehouse.

They know pretty much every company operating in the premium business information market and so they’ve put all that knowledge together into a wiki.

What I like so much about what they’ve built is they didn’t just build a directory, they built a real wiki.

I thought Rafat Ali’s Paid Content ought to be on the front page of the wiki, so I put it there this morning.  That’s a wiki.  Peer production at work.

Steve Goldstein, CEO of Alacra, blogged about the Alacra Wiki on the Alacra Blog (another great web 2.0 resource).

Go check out what he has to say about it.

Great work guys.

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