The Greatest Rock And Roll Band In The World

Get Yer Ya-Yas Out starts out with the following statement:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the greatest rock n roll band in the world, The Rolling Stones"


The Gotham Gal and I took the family to see the Stones last night at Giants Stadium and I am happy to report that they remain the greatest rock n roll band in the world.

Last week at Coldplay at the Garden, Josh said to me, "dad, Chris Martin needs to go to the school of rock"

Mick, Keith and the gang don’t need to go to the school of rock because they invented half of those moves.

And last night they showed us that they haven’t forgotten any of them.

I am not suggesting that the Stones are at the peak of their live brilliance which was recorded at Madison Square Garden in 1969 and is available for posterity on Ya Yas, but they really haven’t lost much.

Most importantly, they entertained my whole family for the entire 2 hour show and not once, even past 11pm, did the kids want to go home. Josh said to me as we were leaving that it was the "best rock concert he’s ever been to" and he’s been to a bunch.

Here’s the set list, with color commentary

Start Me Up – of course
You Got Me Rockin – just so so
Shattered – with a NYC intro
Tumblin Dice – great version
Rough Justice – much better live
Ruby Tuesday – i loved it, the kids thought it was weak
Heartbreaker – great, best it could be without Mick Taylor
Night Time Is The Right Time – Ray Charles tune with duet with Lisa Fisher
The Worst – Keith sang a couple tunes while Mick took a break
Infamy – better live too

Img_1098Then a small "club style" stage breaks off from the main stage with the band on it and starts moving into the crowd.  It ends up at the other end of the floor.  Great effect.  They played four songs on it.

Miss You – with Mick on guitar while stage was moving – a highlight for sure
Oh No, Not You Again – the kids loved it.  their favorite from the new record.
She’s So Cold – I never liked that song
Honky Tonk Woman – while the stage moved back

Out of Control – off Bridges to Babylon – i might have to get that record!

Then they went into a four song rock orgy to finish the main set which consisted of:

JJ Flash
Brown Sugar

The whole family was up on our chairs dancing and we basically went nuts when they did Satisfaction.


You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Josh’s favorite
It’s Ony Rock N Roll – with fireworks to finish

Img_1108Basically, these guys know how to put on a rock concert and they put one on last night.

The test is if you leave singing the songs.

We sure did that last night.

And we had a blast.

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