Till Kingdom Come

Emily’s favorite song on the new Coldplay record is Till Kingdom Come (iTunes link).

She put the song on a recent Positively 10th Street Podcast.

The song is basically Chris Martin singing and playing an acoustic guitar with some backing.

But it is sparse compared to the rest of X&Y.

And that’s what I like so much about it.

I learned yesterday in the comments to my Coldplay concert post that Chris Martin wrote this song for Johnny Cash.  Johnny died before he could record it, so Coldplay did it instead.

It’s a very poignant song when heard in that context.  "just say you’ll wait for me"

Ever since I put on X&Y for the first time, I’ve been longing to hear Coldplay do an all acoustic record.  Just acoustic guitar, stand up bass, drums, and grand piano.  I think that would be great. I can do without the big production.  I just want the songs.

We got that a bit with Till Kingdom Come.  And I agree with Emily. It’s the best thing on the record.

Rhapsody Link – "’Til Kingdom Come" – Coldplay.

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