Transparency Please

I am all for transparency with the sole exception of military and espionage stuff.

This blog, my delicious posts, my flickr posts, our podcasts, etc are all about opening up my world, my views, and who I am to everyone so they can make a judgment about me, whether they want to be my friend, share music with me, or show us the opportunity to invest in their company.

I dislike people who hide their views, dodge questions, and are not open.

It is for this reason that I oppose the nomination of John Roberts to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

He actually seems like a decent guy.  He is easy to like.  He’s got a nice family.

He could have been honest, told us what he thinks about the right to privacy, Roe vs Wade, etc.

But instead he said something like "I do not believe I should address issues that could come before the court".

Well what the hell should he address?

His favorite basketball team?

I have had enough of obfuscation, of trying to hide stuff from the american public.

And I have had enough of John Roberts.

I hope and pray his nomination goes down in smoke and teaches judges to be honest about their views before asking for a lifetime nomination to the top court in the land.