UFO Podcast

This morning on my bike ride, I put on my iPod earphones and heard what podcasting is all about.

My brother (aka Jackson) and our high school friend (aka Tony Alva) have produced a podcast featuring a rock band we all loved in our teenage years.  The band is UFO and they played hard rock/heavy metal.  For a while in the mid to late 70s, they featured Michael Schenker, who could wail on the guitar with the best of them.

Unless you dig wailing guitars and screeching lyrics loud music, this podcast probably isn’t for you.

But I loved hearing Jackson and Tony spend a bit more than a half hour going back 20+ years to our teenage years and reliving some great times.

They had fun doing it, I had fun listening to it, so will another 20 or 30 people, most of whom are our friends from that era.  But a few people we’ve never met will give it a listen and love it too.

That’s podcasting.  At least that’s what I like best about podcasting.

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