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I think Halloween is my favorite holiday.  It’s possible that Christmas and Thanksgiving could top it, but Halloween is pretty great.

We are very fortunate to live in the village, right down the street from the Sixth Avenue parade, so we sit on our stoop and watch all the costumes parade past us.

The kids are getting older but that didn’t stop them from having a lot of fun with their costumes this year.

Happy Halloween everyone.

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Four_fellasI am still recovering from Tedstock.

The Four Fellas opened the show at the Trash Bar and the rocking didn’t stop until the wee hours of Monday morning.

I didn’t make it until the wee hours and left after #12 Rock and Roll Noodle finished their set around midnight.

Img_1215It was a joyous occasion celebrating 40 years of Ted, rock and roll, and they raised some money for autism awareness to boot.

There were a couple highlights of the day for me,

The first was watching Ted and the Four Fellas do an excellent rendition of the Ramones’ Sheena Is A Punk Rocker after just learning the song on Friday.

These kids had never played a real venue before and they were loving it big time.

The other highlight for me was watching Ted’s band, #12 Rock and Roll Noodle, blast through a ten song set in about 30 minutes.

They gave the Ramones a run for thier money with the rapid fire song sequence.


Chris, Paul, Rob, and Ted were in great form last night. I personally enjoyed Pop Tart, the Velvets cover (There She Goes Again), and Peace Chicken the best, but they were all great.  And when their buddy (sorry forgot his name) got up on stage to jam with them, things got even crazier.

It was certainly the most rockin’ 40th birthday party I’ve been to and I feel about 80 years old today as a result.

Happy Birthday Ted!

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Delicious Music

A cool new feature was rolled out on Friday.

Whenever you find a link to a MP3 file on delicious, you’ll get a "play" button next to the link.

Click on the play button and music pours out of your speakers.


Check out my fred’spodcast links.  They really rock now.

And while you are at it, check out the top link, Baby Got Back, in alt-country/pop style.

Very cool.

#VC & Technology

Wikipedia Fun

Brad Feld has posted on our dinner conversation Thursday night at the Return Path offsite.

Specifically, we debated the difference between shyster and shylock.

Brad took out his Sidekick, went to Wikipedia, and we solved the problem pretty quickly and got an education in Shakespeare to boot.

My conclusion – VCs are shylocks who do tend to extract their "pound of flesh".  Some are also shysters, but not all of us hopefully.

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So I’ve been on a Fugees binge since yesterday morning.

Fugees_bootlegThe Score is their best record, and is in my Top 50, but the one I that I often turn to for a fix of that great Fugee hiphop/reggae mix is the remix record that came out in the fall of 1996, about six months after The Score.

It’s called Fugees (Refugee Camp) Bootleg Version, and I love it.

In particular, the last two songs, No Woman No Cry and Vocab Remix, are awesome.

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Tedstock Update

Tedstock_poster_1The rock event of the fall in NYC is rapidly approaching.

Ten bands in nine hours in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

And only $5 cover for those not on the guest list.

Hard to beat that.

There are some late breaking developments to note as we prepare for one day of no peace.

1) Jackson has brought back the mohawk for the big day.  No surprise there.

2) #12 Rock n Roll Noodle has published their setlist.  Lot’s of good stuff on it including the obligatory Ramones cover.

3) Their will be vinyl playing on the turntable during the breaks.  Jackson has published his top vinyl list.  Lots of old school metal there plus Bowie, Ramones, and Stones.  Josh will be in heaven.

I can’t wait for Sunday.

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