Email Prioritization System

Brad Feld has a good post on continuous partial attention.  That sounds pretty much like what the Gotham Gal and my kids complain that I give them.

But in his post, Brad describes something I need (and might also address some of my continuous partial attention issues).

Brad calls it an "email prioritization system".

It’s the next step for spam filters.

As Brad explains:

“email prioritization systems” (e.g. spam has priority=null, email from
Amy or my mother has priority=immediate, email from my partners has
priority=high) where the priorities are automatically tuned by my pci
based on my behavior things become more interesting.  Finally – add one
more layer of abstraction – my pci knows when I am ready to received
different priorities and presents them to me only when I’m ready (e.g.
I always get interrupted by Amy or my mom, I sometimes get interrupted
by my partners depending on the thing I’m working on, but it always
comes at the top of the queue, etc.) – and you’re really getting into
an interesting zone.  Of course, delivering it one time on the
appropriate device (computer, cell phone, television, carrier pigeon)
in the right location is a key part of this.

I need this system immediately.

As this blog has grown I am getting ever more email.  And its all good.  And I try like hell to reply to all of it.  In the process, I miss emails from my mom.  It happened a couple weeks ago. I totally blew off my mom. Not cool.

So if I am totally blowing off your email, don’t feel too bad.  I am giving you the same priority I gave my mom.

I need one of these email prioritization systems badly.  If you’ve got one, please let me know ASAP.

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