Hackoff.com - Chapter Three

Readers of this blog know that I have been reading Hackoff.com, Tom Evslin’s "blook" which is a book delivered via a blog.

Hackoff.com is a muder mystery set in the heyday and aftermath of "web 1.0" as we now call it in our family.

The story is starting to develop now. 

In Chapter One, we found out that the founder and CEO was found dead in his office of a gunshot wound to the head and learned a bit about the people at Hackoff.com.

In Chapter Two, we went back in time to 1999 (which was big time memory lane for me) and saw the board prepare for the IPO.

In Chapter Three, which I just read, the Hackoff.com IPO roadshow gets a little crazy with some sleeping around going on.

Having never been on a roadshow myself, I honestly can’t say whether there is any truth in this chapter.

A few tips on reading Hackoff.com.

If you like to read blogs with an RSS reader, then add the feed to your reader. 

But I prefer to read each chapter by printing out the PDF.  I have linked to each of them above.

If you choose to subscribe via RSS, you might want to print out the first three chapters and read them to get caught up.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

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