Hackoff.com - Chapters Four and Five

I fell a bit behind on Hackoff.com but caught up over the weekend.

Tom’s blook is now headed into Chapter 6.

But I spent the weekend with Chapters 4 and 5.

Chapter 4 is about pricing the IPO, watching the stock open, and going back to the office to celebrate.

I have watched a bunch of companies go through this ritual.  It’s fun to read about it in a non-fiction story.  Tom captures the emotions perfectly.

In Chapter 5 we are taken back to the murder mystery that opens the story.  The detective is interviewing the CTO.  The CTO is a good character and there is a scene where he describes winning the robot contest at Caltech.  It reminded me of Woody Flowers’ Intro to Design (2.70 in MIT numerology) contest at MIT! Thanks for that flashback Tom.

If you haven’t given Hackoff.com a try, I’d suggest giving it a read.  It’s a lot of fun.

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