I am doing this week’s Nuggets as I head out to the airport to fly back to NYC from the Web 2.0 conference.  It’s been great hanging out with so many web/tech people.  I’ve heard from many of them that they like my music posts.  That’s great to hear.

This week’s Nuggets should be a popular choice amoung the web 2.0 crowd.

They Might Be Giants is always popular in the geek/nerd world.  Their music is smart, funny, and always entertaining.

FloodWe own quite a few of their records, but the one I always pull out is Flood.  I think Flood is a great record and its one that probably works best for non-TMBG fans.

The opening track, Birdhouse in Your Soul, is one of their best songs.  This record also has the popular Particle Man.  But there are many fine songs on this record.

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