Our Web Site Is A Blog

Usv_logoYesterday we flipped the switch and turned our website, UnionSquareVentures.com, into a blog.

Like most things, we should have done it a year ago when we first launched our firm’s website.

But better late than never.

Why did we do it?  Because, as Brad explains in his first post:

We realized that our [investment] thesis evolves incrementally as a result of our
dialogue with the market, and that the best way to manage that was to
accept that we would never get to an answer, so we should just publish
the conversation.

Go read the whole post. It’s short and to the point, like all good blog posts.

So what does this mean for A VC?  Not much, I suspect. I do not plan to stop blogging here.  And most of what I blog about here isn’t appropriate for our firm’s blog.  But some of it is.  When it is, I’ll either post it here and cross post it there.  Or, if it’s the announcement of a new investment or something specific to Union Square Ventures, then I’ll post it there and link to it from here.

But there is something you’ll get at UnionSquareVentures.com that you won’t get here. You’ll get a complete picture of our firm. You’ll get to read Brad‘s views on the market which until now were only available to me, Charlie, our portfolio companies, and a few friends (but often ended up on this blog with me taking the credit).  And you’ll get to read Charlie’s posts about our business.  And all of my posts that I put up there.

So if you are interested in the complete view of Union Square Ventures, subscribe to our blog via RSS or via email (enter your email address on the left sidebar of our blog) and then let us know what you think by commenting or linking back.  As Brad says, please join the conversation. We think it will be a good one.

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