Positively 10th Street

Our new weekly podcast is up.

We did this one at our beach house where we spent a rainy Columbus Day weeekend.

The acoustics aren’t great at the beach house and the kids were suffering a bit from cabin fever so there’s a bit of wackiness in this one.  The podcast ends with back to back Flaming Lips songs which is always a good thing.

WARNING – there are a few shouts and loud moments in this podcast.  If you are listening with earplugs or headphones, you may want to keep the volume lower than normal.

Here’s the song list:

Joanne’s Song – Love Grows – Edison Lighthouse (from Little Manhattan soundtrack)

Jessica’s Song – Unconditional – The Bravery

Emily’s Song – The Sound of Settling – Death Cab (from Shopgirl soundtrack)

Josh’s Song – She Don’t Use Jelly – The Flaming Lips

Fred’s Song – Mr Ambulance Driver – The Flaming Lips (from The Wedding Crashers soundtrack)

Listen live here.

To listen in iTunes or on your iPod, get iTunes version 5, then select Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast, and then enter this into the box:


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