Seeking A Super Talented Product/Design Person

One of the
companies that I am involved in is working on reshaping a large and important
industry with a new technology platform.

The team
that is building this company is first rate and has already built several very
valuable companies in this large and important

They are
seeking to attract a new member to their team who can oversee product management
and design at a senior level.

Here are
the important characteristics of the person they are

  • Very current
  • Extensive knowledge
    of web interfaces and design
  • A realistic view of
    what can be done today with new UI technologies
  • A client centric
    approach to usability
  • An ability to get
    into the details, not just high level design
  • An ability to
    challenge assumptions and ask questions
  • A pragmatic approach
    to solving problems
  • An open mind

If you are
this person, or if you know of a person who we should be talking to, please send
me an email at jobs.usv at

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