Two Weeks Until Tedstock

Tedstock_posterTwo weeks from today, I’ll be at Tedstock.

Regular readers of this blog may have seen this logo running in my sidebar.

In fact 84 of you have clicked through from the logo to find out that Tedstock is a rock concert.

But not just any rock concert.

It’s the 40th birthday of my brother Ted, who is also known as Jackson in the blog world and spends most of his days making or recording music at a recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Smoke and Mirrors.

Tedstock will take place in Williamsburg at The Trash Bar.

It will be a benefit for Autism Awareness which is a great cause.

And it will be One Day of No Peace (ie it will rock).

The show is open to the general public.

The Four Fellas will open Tedstock at 4:30pm.

The rest of the show goes like this:
Geek Farm – 5:15
The Lost Patrol – 6:00
Via Skyway – 7:00
Microdot – 8:00
The Horse You Rode In On – 9:00
#12 Rock and Roll Noodle – 10:00
The X’s – 11:00
Just One – 12:00
Figo 1:00

If you know any of these bands, if you want to support Autism Awareness, if you want to spend close to 12 hours (or just one hour) listening to rock and roll, or if you just want to wish Ted a happy 40th, we’d love to see you there.

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