VC Cliche of the Week

I don’t have the inspiration this morning so I am going to turn this post over to the readers.

Please post your favorite VC cliches in the comments section and I’ll bring them up to the front page.
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"There’s no there there" – Charlie

"skin in the game" – Simon

"shoulder to shoulder" – Simon

"We can move quickly" – Jay Rand

"We’re not investing in this space right now" – Charlie Crystle

"You’re too early for us" – Derek Scruggs

"We DO seed stage investments" (when they actually don’t) – Simon Veingard

Sustainable competitive advantage – Daniel Nerezov

"Orders of magnitude" – Greg

"Sweat equity." – Joe

We provide more than just capital. – Alistair

"That’s management’s problem" as opposed to "that’s a management
problem."  – Tom Evslin

Its not just our money its our contacts – Brian

now tell us what you would do with five times the investment amount – Brian

we’re entrepreneurs too – Brian

"They have a good story to tell." – Keith Alioto

"let’s wait until we get our guys in
there to see where the bodies are buried"  – Keith Alioto

"It’s the golden rules.  He who has the gold, makes the rules." – Flint

We have a "hands-on" approach. – Hooman Radfar

This ain’t my first Bar-B-Q. – Jackson

It looks good from my house. – Jackson

Someday this war is gonna end. – Jackson

Water on the lectern. – Jackson

We don’t have a problem building a bridge, but there’s got to be another side. – Johannes Ernst

Friendly Fire – Ken Berger

"How will you reach the beach?" – David Churbuck

"What’s your Microsoft (Google)(AOL)play?" – David Churbuck

"Eat what you kill." – David Churbuck

Scalable and repeatable sales process. – Chris Yeh

"bowling alley effect" – Ruchit

What’s your "unfair advantage"? – An Entrepreneur

"First mover" – An Entrepreneur

Will the dogs eat the dog food? – Bill Bryant

"Can Microsoft develop this too?" – Caspar

"defensible intellectual property" – Bob Chatham

"this will be a long movie" and "I’ve seen this movie before" – Toni

"let’s drain this swamp" – Toni

"Too much has to go right for you to succeed." – Mark Sigal 

"Who do you look like?" – Mark Sigal

"It’s as deadly to be too early as it is to be too late." – Mark Sigal

Deal Rhythm. – Daniel Nerezov

"Value-Added Investor" – James Haft

What’s your value add? – David Cavalier

Let’s not reinvent the wheel – David Cavalier

We’re "value added" investors – David Cavalier

We need smart money in the deal – David Cavalier

Let’s see how they block and tackle – David Cavalier

"Forecasting rain is one thing, building an ark is another." – Mike Santer

"In the beginning
you need the barbarians." – Mike Santer/John Chambers

"If you don’t know your meat,
you better know your butcher." – Mike Santer

"There’s always more month at the end of the money." – Mike Santer 

"If you are not the lead dog, the scenery never changes." – Mike Santer

"Make dust or eat dust." – Mike Santer

"Second place is still losing." – Mike Santer

"That Company’s multiple (earnings or sales) discounts not only
the future, but also the hereafter." – Mike Santer

"It doesn’t much signify whom one marries, for one is sure to
find next morning that it was someone else." – Mike Santer

"You’re telling Noah about high water." – Mike Santer

"Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered" – Greg Haslam

"there’s a lot of hair on that deal" – Greg Haslam

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