Web 2.0 Photo

I took two just two photos at Web 2.0, but I felt both of them were worth posting.

Img_1129The first is Stewart Butterfield "flickr’ing" the Flock and friends party with his Treo.

I couldn’t find the photo Stewart took in Stewart’s photos so it must not have come out that well.

Of note in this picture is Howard Morgan headed into the party.  He is wearing a blue sport coat and is right in front of Stewart.

The bouncer is a very big guy.  They needed one that night.  That party was a madhouse.

Img_1128The second photo was, for me, the highlight of the week.  It’s Jason Calacanis thanking his whole Weblogs team at a closing party with some of the AOL top brass.

Jason said that his first company Silicon Alley Reporter taught him a lot of lessons that he put to work at Weblogs.  Namely delegating and trusting his team.  Having had an inside look at his first company, through the Gotham Gal, I am sure there is a lot of truth in that statement.

Of note in this photo is Peter Rojas, third from the right of Jason, looking on.  Peter, the genius behind Engadget, is a big reason for Weblogs success, as Jason rightly pointed out in his remarks.  Someone said, not sure who, that Peter Rojas is the best blogger in the world.  That may be true right now and he and Jason now work at AOL. I say watch out. They just might help get AOL rocking again.  If so, the rumored $30mm purchase price will have been a bargain.

These are the only two photos I took at Web 2.0, but there are tons of photos on Flickr with the Web 2.0 tag.  Here they are.

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