Free Base

Go give Google some of your content

They’ll store it, index it, and give it to the Internet.

It’s a drug and they hope you take it.

I won’t.

Even though I just did.

Google Base is "dBase in the sky" of sorts.

It’s a good idea except that this content is getting created all over the place already.

At Typepad.

At MySpace.

At Blogger.

At Flickr.

At Delicious.

Posting, Subcribing, Tagging, and Search are an ecosystem.

An ecosystem that Google wants to own.

I don’t think its going to play out that way.

Pieces loosely joined will beat one ring to rule them all.

At least that’s my bet.

Umair sums up my feelings best on this one.

Except that I am not totally intent on missing any tetonic shifts!

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