Google Is Lame

While I am venting about Google this morning, I may as well share a feeling I’ve had lately about Google.

They are lame.

Not in their core search product which remains the single greatest web service in existence.

But in many of their recent initiatives, Google has introduced a delay between submit and display.

And that’s just lame in this day and age of instant recall.

Here are some examples of their lameness.

When I first uploaded a video to google, it just vanished.  Poof. Gone. I had no way to see it and no idea where it had gone to.

I put Google Analytics on my blog on Monday.  I still don’t have any data.  The service tells me, "Analytics has been successfully installed and data is being gathered now. Your first reports will be ready within twelve hours."  Not exactly.

I submitted a theater review to Google Base this morning.  And it took ten minutes to be processed and displayed. Does it take Craigslist that long to post a listing?  No way.

Posting stuff to the Internet has to be instantaneous.  What if wrote this post on Tyeppad and it took me 10 minutes to see the result?  What if I posted a photo to Flickr and it took a day to see it? What if I put sitemeter on my blog and had to wait three days before seeing my traffic?

I would stop using all of those services.  Fortunately, they don’t do that to me.

Google does. Is it arrogance that they think they can get away with it while others can’t?

Are they so huge that their vaunted data centers can’t process the posts quickly enough?

Who knows?

But I know this.  Google is lame.

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