Hackoff.com - Chapter Six

The title of this post is basically admission that I am behind on the real time reading event that is Hackoff.com, Tom Evslin’s semi-autobiographical account of life as an entrepreneur in bubble 1.0.

I finally finished Chapter Six.

In this chapter Tom and Mary (oops I mean Larry and Louise) go to Davos for the World Economic Forum at the height of the Internet bubble.

I have never been invited to Davos and probably never will be.

I’ve read many descriptions of Davos in various publications, but never the inside scoop that Tom delivers in Chapter Six.

I felt like I was with Tom and Mary when they in fact went to Davos in late January 2000.

I had no idea what fun it is.

I suggest anyone with a passing curiosity about Davos give this chapter a read.

And if you have a passing curiosity about life as an Internet entrepreneur in bubble 1.0 and its aftermath, you have to read Hackoff.com.

If hard copy is still your preferred way to read, you can pre-order the book at Amazon now.

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