Happy Birthday Born To Run

Born_to_runRecords can be like old friends who you haven’t seen in a while but immediately get you right back to where you left off.

So it is with Born To Run.  I left this record off my top 50 and went with Darkness which I slightly prefer.

I hadn’t listened to Born To Run much lately, but Bruce’s rendition of Backstreets plus the 30th birthday celebration have gotten me right back where I left off.

So in the past several days, I’ve listened to the record a bunch. The piano intros to these songs are so great. 30 years ago these were teenage anthems. Today, they are works of art.  A masterpiece actually.

I’ve also listeed to all seven Born To Run podcasts, which come from the Wings For Wheels DVD about the making of Born To Run. If you are a fan of the Boss, I strongly suggest giving these podcasts a listen.

And in the grand finale of my personal celebration, I am watching the DVD of the 1975 Born To Run tour show from London’s Hammersteinsmith Odeon. Bruce and the E Street Band were sure something special to behold in the winter of 1975. 

Jersey street punk soul.  So good.

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