I Like Mike (continued)

Mike Bloomberg won re-election as Mayor of New York in a historic landslide with a 20 point margin of victory, beating both Giuliani and LaGuardia’s landslide victories of the past.

I have posted several times about why I like Mike.

Mike is my kind of Democrat, he’s liberal on social issues and conservative on fiscal issues.  He’s pragmatic, so much that he changed parties to get an opportunity to take city hall.

I agree with my friend Cory who was quoted in Newsday this morning:

"I totally don’t think he’s a real Republican," said Cory Crayn, a
die-hard Democrat who never strayed until he cast a vote for Bloomberg
on Tuesday. "Otherwise, I really don’t think I could have in good
conscience voted for him today."

I’d like nothing more than to see Mike change back to his true party and run for something bigger.

But before he does that, he needs to go back to his core self selected challenge, and that is to fix the New York City Public School System. He’s got a huge mandate to do that now and my hope is that he uses it wisely and quickly to make the necessary changes.

Congratulations to Mike Bloomberg. I am looking forward to a second term that’s even better than the first.