Kitchen Confidential (continued)

I posted about the new TV show, Kitchen Confidential, back in early September.

As I said in that post, I know some people involved in the show.

We started watching it when the first shows aired in mid-September. But Fox stopped showing them when the baseball playoffs started and they have not put the show back on the air.

I think that’s a big mistake. The show is funny and its a lot better than most of the stuff I’ve watched on TV this year so far. Bradley Cooper, who plays Jack Bourdain, is particularly good.

So I was surprised to see that Fox has made one of the shows that has yet to air available on MySpace.  A 200 pixel wide window isn’t the best place to watch this show, but I guess that’s all its going to get from Fox right now.

Check it out.  I think its pretty good TV.

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