Now That's News

Buried about 7 pages back in this morning’s NY Times business section, behind stores about Woodward, Google (i guess there’s a rule that there has to be at least one google story per day), American Idol, and Lime (a new tv/web convergence play), there is a little story that is way more important than all of them combined.

Laurie Flynn writes that Tivo To Go is going to support PSPs and video iPods.

The audio iPod is way more than a listening device. It’s a place shifting device.  I have one iPod, I use to play music in the gym, on my bike, in my car, in my office, walking to work, etc.  The same will be true of the PSP and the video iPod.

All we need is a way to get content off the closed networks and on to open networks.  Tivo To Go is one way, but an important way, that this is going to happen.

And as usual, kids will lead the way.

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