D gave us a book last weekend called The Rock Snob’s Dictionary.

Among other tidbits important to all lovers of rock and roll, I learned that Nuggets was an "anthology LP of singles by one hit wonder garage bands" compiled in 1972 by Lenny Kaye.

That is worth knowing and I might even buy the compilation, but I am not changing the name of this regular Friday morning post. 

My Nuggets are records that I pull out of our collection that are really great and everyone should know about.

69_love_songsThis morning, I am bringing out a 3 CD box set, called 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields.

There are 69 songs on this 3 CD set, but many of them are a minute or two long.  Each CD has 23 songs on it and is about a 45 minute listen.

We have often listened to all three CDs back to back.  That’s 2 hour plus experience, but its well worth it.

The songs are ditties for the most part.  They are low-fi and are not meant to be taken too seriously.  But the whole collection is as serious a piece of work that deserves to be much better known.

You can get the box set on Amazon for about $36.

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