The Soul of A Blog

A friend recently told me that Dan Primack of Thomson Private Equity Week was on recently and made some negative comments about the fact that I blog about things other than venture capital.  I took the time to listen to Dan’s comments and I’d like to address the issue of blogging about stuff other than business.

I know that many of the readers of this blog only read it because I am a VC and they might eventually do business with me. They read it to get insights into how I think, what I like to invest in, etc.  And they could care less about what I think about new musicians, politics, my family, etc.

For these people, I have done a number of things.

First, you should read the Union Square Ventures weblog where many of my tech and vc posts end up and where my partner Brad and our analyst Charlie also blog.

Second, you can subscribe to my VC/tech only feed at:

Third, you can visit the vc/tech category of this weblog here.

Fourth, you can subscribe to my vc/tech posts along with lots of other VC posts at Nivi’s VC Channel at:

Or you can read or subscribe to tech.memeorandum which does a great job of grabbing most of my good tech and vc posts.

Many of these services have been available for a while. I created the vc/tech feed about five months ago

But I find it interesting that I only have 400 subscribers to the VC/tech feed out of a total of approx 7,500 RSS subs.

I think that’s because most people like getting a sense of who I am.  They can quickly scan past the posts they don’t want to read. But having those posts there gives them a sense of the other parts of me.

As I said to my friend when he told me about Dan’s comments, "a diversity of post topics is the soul of a blog".  All head and no soul makes for a boring read.

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