The Soul of A Blog (continued)

When I wrote the previous post, The Soul Of A Blog, I mentioned that it was inspired by a podcast featuring Dan Primack of Private Equity Week.

Dan was kind enough to comment on that post and explain his thinking. First, I want to thank Dan for doing that. It turns my post into a discussion and that’s always a wonderful thing.

And second, I want to let Dan and everyone else know that I didn’t take offense to Dan’s comments when he made them on the podcast. I have heard the same concerns from many people. They are valid concerns and should be discussed, as they were in the comments section.

The fact is that I believe blogging, both on my personal weblog and our firm’s weblog, is good for me, good for our business, and good for the Internet and all the people who use it. If I ever feel otherwise, you’ll hear about it first right here.

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