A Proud Owner

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I got a Boston Acoustics tabletop HD radio today.

It supports multicasting so it can pick up all the new HD1 and HD2 channels that the broadcasters will be rolling out next year.

Apparently these new HD1 and HD2 channels will be commercial free for "an extended period of time".  Sounds like these channels will be positioned directly against XM and Sirius.

Although I have owned an HD car radio since last fall, this radio gets me a lot more excited because of the new programming that will be available on it.

Here’s a photo of the radio when I got it out of the box.  There is a supplemental speaker that isn’t in this photo.

If you want to get one of these radios, you can get them at online at Crutchfield.  This is the start of a bunch of new HD radios that will be coming into the market over the next year, driving volume and lowering price points.  It’s about time.

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