Capital Punishment Is Barbaric

I am not a fan of capital punishment.  In fact, I find it abhorrent.

I know I am a minority in this country (as I am on many social issues these days).

But I am in the "turn the other cheek" camp instead of the "eye for an eye" camp.

I certainly find murder and terrorism and other forms of crime that are punishable by death as abhorrent as capital punishment.  But I don’t feel the need to continue to cycle of death beyond the initial crime.

So why am I saying this now?

Because the state of California is planning to execute a once awful criminal named Stan Williams next week.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will make the final decision this Thursday on Stan’s life.  I hope and pray that he doesn’t feel the need to live up to his Terminator nickname.

If Nixon could go to China, maybe Arnold can grant a stay of execution.

If you want to weigh in with Arnold, here is a page that tells you how to call him, email him, or petition him.