Explain That To A Nine Year Old

Josh’s band, The Four Fellas, have learned a new song, Twist and Shout.

Josh wanted to download it to iTunes so he can listen to it in his room and play along with it on his drum kit.  So he went to the iTunes store and searched for it.

He couldn’t find The Beatles version.  He couldn’t find the original from the Isely Brothers.

He said, "Dad, why I can’t find the song?".  I said, "because it isn’t on iTunes".  He said, "why Dad?".

I shook my head and said, "because they are stupid".  He said, "The Beatles are stupid?".  I said, "yes, and everyone else in the music business who doesn’t put their music on iTunes."

I said it the other day and I’ll say it again.  If the music industry wants to make online music work, they had better put the music up online and make it available everywhere that legal music downloads are offered.  No exclusives.  Because otherwise they are just forcing me to teach my kid about Limewire and I’d really rather not do that.

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