Gotham Gal's Top Ten Books of 2005

The Gotham Gal (aka my wife Joanne) has posted her top ten books of 2005 (plus one of course).

Her taste in books is great and so if you love to read, I suggest you take a peek.

As she was wandering around our library compiling the list last night I said to her, "wouldn’t it be better if Amazon could just show you your book purchase history for 2005 and you could rate and rank them directly from there and construct your list automatically?".  She said, "what a good idea".

I spent some time on Amazon this morning looking for that feature. Surely they’ve thought of that.  But I couldn’t find it.  Strange.

On a similar vein, Tom Watson has posted the best books he read this year many of which were not written this year.  It seems that Tom was thinking alot about history and war this year.  I wonder why?  I wish our President would read all of these books.  Maybe that would give him pause, something he seems to lack.

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