MP3 of the Week

I go through periods where I just get totally into a band, artist, etc and it’s all I listen to for a week or so.  I am in that way right now with Mike Doughty and his previous band, Soul Coughing. I have been listening all week to his three solo records (four if you include Smofe and Smang which I can’t find) and the three Soul Coughing records.

Although I love his new record, Haughty Melodic, which will surely be on my top ten of 2005 list, I think I may like his first solo record, Skittish, even better. This record was recorded while he was still in Soul Coughing and its just awesome.  It starts with one of my favorites, The Only Answer, it’s got Real Love and Shunned and Falisified and a bunch of other good songs.  You can only get Skittish in combo with his second solo record, Rockity Roll, in a double record combo on Amazon.  That’s an awesome deal.  Two incredible records for less than $14.  Read the reviews on Amazon if you don’t believe me, 18 out of 19 people took the time to give this double record five stars.

My favorite song on Skittish is called Looks and its my MP3 of the Week.

I need to say one more thing about Mike Doughty before I quit. He is a real blogger, not an artist who keeps a blog because he’s supposed to.  He posts at least once a day, often more frequently, and his posts always include a cool picture and some short musing that is always entertaining. This guy is the real deal and authentic as hell.

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