Ted got me reminiscing about my high school days at West Point, a subject I intend to post on a bit more this morning, and that took me back to the basement of our house at 69 Schofield Lane. The basement was where we listened to music back then.

And there is one record that comes to mind vividly from those days.

It’s called Live Bootleg and its from Aerosmith, pre drug problems, pre MTV.  My Aerosmith.

Songs like Dream On, Back In The Saddle Again, Sweet Emotion, Walk This Way, Toys In The Attic.

They were a great hard rock band.  Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. The Glimmer Twins part two.

And this record captures pretty much the end of that band, during the Draw The Line Tour.  The band was already coming unglued and you can hear it at times on the record.

But there are three songs at the end of this record that make it a Nugget,  I Ain’t Got You, Mother Popcorn, and Train Kept A Rollin (which is abbreviated).

Mother Popcorn, a James Brown tune, is a super fun listen.  Apparently this version was recorded in 1973 at a WBCN event.  Tyler goes nuts on this song.  It’s a lot of fun.

Sadly this record is not available on Rhapsody or iTunes.  It should be. Why don’t bands put their back catalogs up online?

You can get it at Amazon though in CD form.  If you like old Aerosmith and haven’t heard this record, I suggest you do that.

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