The Rolling Stones are the greatest rock and roll band for three reasons;

1 – The Glimmer Twins – Mick and Keith – the second best songwriting duo in rock music (after John and Paul).

2 – The Rythm Section – Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman – never did a rythm section set a better beat with such little effort

3 – Jimmy and Little Mick – Jimmy Miller and Mick Taylor were the additions that took the Stones to another level in the late 60s and early 70s.

I was reminded of Jimmy and Little Mick’s contributions when a friend I made via this blog came to visit me this week and gave me a copy of a live recording of a stop on the legendary 1973 European Tour (Goat’s Head Soup tour).  The record is called Brussels Affair 1973.

It’s hard to call this a Nugget because I’ve only owned it for a couple days, but every Rolling Stones fan has to own this record.  It captures the Stones at the height of Mick Taylor’s prowess and he is all over this record.

If you like Get Yer Ya Yas Out, you will love this one.  It is honestly one of the best live recordings of the Rolling Stones I have ever heard.

So how do you buy it?  Well, I am not sure.  There is a page on Amazon for the record, but it’s not available. There is a CDDB entry (and iTunes recognizes it when you put it in your computer) but again no links to where this can be bought.  I guess its a bootleg, but a very popular one.  If any of my readers know where this can be purchased, let me know and I’ll add it to this post.

Jimmy Miller’s last contribution was Goat’s Head Soup and Mick Taylor left one record later, after It’s Only Rock and Roll.  They have been missed.

But we can always go back to those records, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street, and Goat’s Head Soup, and hear the greatest version of the greatest rock band ever.

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